Friday, August 10, 2018

Assemblywoman Jenne grateful for NYSUT endorsement

Assemblywoman Addie A.E. Jenne, D-Theresa, has announced the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) has endorsed her re-election.

“As a mom, I see the good our teachers are doing when my kids get home from school,” Assemblywoman Jenne said. “New York’s educators work so hard to push our kids, help them grow and prepare them for the future. I’ll always be on their side and make sure their voices are heard.”

She noted she sees the excellent work teachers do around the River District, both in their classrooms and in their communities in Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties.

"I regularly seeing teachers going above and beyond to help their students and their communities. We are at the time of year when many teachers are spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars to buy supplies for their classrooms. It's a reminder of their commitment to their students," she noted.

Assemblywoman Jenne has consistently stood with New York’s teachers, fighting for the North Country’s fair share to make sure our schools have the resources to prepare students for college and good jobs.

Earlier this year, she voted to delink students’ standardized test scores from teacher evaluations and return control back to local districts.

She also advocated for Bev Ouderkirk's appointment to the New York State Board of Regents, a move that helped change the direction of education policy in the state.

Assemblywoman Jenne also spearheaded the farm-to-school program to bring healthy, local food into our school cafeterias.

“We endorse candidates who’ve shown through their advocacy, their accessibility and their strong pro-education, pro-labor voting records that they are true friends of public education, organized labor and working people,” NYSUT President Andrew Pallotta said. “Our support is a testament to a candidate’s willingness to stand shoulder to shoulder with educators to fight for better public schools.”

“There are hundreds and hundreds of teachers here in the River District who give to our community every day,” Assemblywoman Jenne said. “I’m making sure their public service and dedication never goes unnoticed, because from pre-K through graduation day, they’re there for our children.”

NYSUT is an organization of more than 600,000 professionals and retirees from New York’s schools, colleges and health care facilities committed to strengthening the teaching profession and providing all kids with a high-quality education.